On the Gweek river, north of Bethel


On the Ruth Glacier, alaska range. Minolta XG-1. Photos (this one at least) fail to capture the sheer scale of this place. The plane in the photo looks as if it is going to auger into the mountain. It was probably at least a quarter of a mile away.

DC-6 at Emmonak Int'l Airport

Emmonak approach, on the lower Yukon.


Minolta XG-1, Kodak Tmax 400 BW film. Looking west back from where I came.

Minolta XG-1, Kodak Tmax 400 film

No, this isn't an altered version of the image I posted Saturday. This was taken with my Minolta and some Kodak Tmax 400 BW film. I underexposed the photos somewhat, probably due to the red filter on the lens. I should have compensated by overexposing by a full stop. Oh well, learning is one of my main reasons for this.


Minolta XG-1 & Kodachrome64. This image and the slide below were scanned with a Canon Canoscan8400F scanner.

Minolta XG-1, Kodachrome 64


Canon S500. Today's and yesterday's photos were taken Friday afternoon. It was such a nice day that I slithered out of work after lunch and took a bike ride.

Canon S500


Canon S500

Canon S500


Minolta XG-1, Fujichrome Provia100. Sunset from upper DeArmoun Rd. Anchorage

Minolta XG-1, Kodachrome64. Flying south on the Kuskokwim river towards Bethel on a winter afternoon.


Fishcamp on the Kwethluk River, just north of Bethel. Minolta XG-1.

Kwethluk River fishcamp. Minolta XG-1


Canon S500. From yesterday morning's ride.

Near Potter's Marsh. Canon S500


Canon S500.

January 2005, KPL dock in Kenai. Canon S500. A cold but calm morning.


Scammon Bay approach

Scammon Bay on the shores of the beautiful Bering Sea. Camera: Minolta XG-1, film: Kodachrome64, plane: Cessna caravan


Soccer night, last Thursday. My daughter's (#7) team had a game, so I brought my Minolta XG-1 with a 35-135 zoom, a polarizing filter and a roll of Fujichrome Provia 400. My crude attempts at sports photography are shown here. What did I learn? The 400 ASA film is good for action shots. I should have taken off the filter because everything's a little darker than I'd like it to be. Oh well, live & learn. Everyone had fun, it was a nice night & her team won a friendly game with none of the 'sports parents from hell' we've all heard so much about. Except maybe that guy that was taking all those photos!

Half-moon over the soccer field.

The goalie kicks it into play.

The defense kicks it downfield

The offense takes it down the field

The defense kicks it outta there!

The other team scores a goal.


Different day, same flower.

Life in the front yard

School's out


Thursday morning rainbow, taken from the front yard around 6a.m. Canon S500.

View looking east, up DeArmoun road around 6a.m.


Well, it's summer soccer season again. Sarah and her best friend Emma are on the same team. This is from just before Tuesdaynight's game. Taken with my Canon S500, auto settings.


Warming up with a cup of coffee. Lower Kalskag, Minolta XG-1, Kodachrome64

More winterlight, Lower Kalskag, Minolta XG-1, Kodachrome64

Gassing up the sled. Lower Kalskag. Minolta XG-1, Kodachrome64


The village of Lower Kalskag, on the Kuskokwim River, upriver of Bethel approxomately 100 miles. Minolta XG-1, kodachrome 64.

Winterlight, lower Kalskag. Minolta XG-1, Kodachrome 64.

Lower Kalskag cemetery. Minolta XG-1 Kodachrome 64. One thing about winter in the far north, the winter daylight is this golden perpetual twilight due to the sun's being so low on the horizon, when it's above it at all.


A view of Turnagain Arm from Gull Rock


The power plant at Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks , Alaska. This is a work photo I took. I typically take lots of photos, so I have something to refer to back in the office. This one just stood out on its own.


Both photos were taken with my Minolta XG-1.

Downtown Bethel


Between Whittier & Valdez from a 172