Spring time

Early spring evening...

This past week, the last movie star died. Elizabeth Taylor.
In remembrance, here's a photo from a time in her life when she wasn't just hot, but smoking hot. I recommend you watch "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf?" and see how great acting looked. She and Richard Burton seem so real, you almost wonder if they were acting. RIP...
H/T to Small Dead animals on the photo.


Friday night and here are two videos from an old favorite, Brian Eno.
The 1977 albumn 'Before & After Science'.
This predates MTV and the videos are a treat to watch. They remind me of Monty Python. Eno was, in my opinion, ahead of his time.

So crank up your speakers and enjoy...

First up, King's Lead Hat. My daughter (13) who's deeply into the Beatles said this was 'ok.'

Second, also from the same albumn, 'No One Receiving' I like a lot, my daughter, after listening told me we have very different taste in music.

Last up, a 1978 song from Pere Ubu, another great band.



And now for something completely different. An urban downhill mountain bike race in Valparaiso, Chile. Courtesy of Vimeo, via David Thompson & SDA.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.