Ok, one last Florida photo. This too was taken atthe Olustee Civil War Battlefield. Canon S500.

Another Florida photo. Taken last month at the Olustee Civil War Battlefield.

No, this was not taken in Alaska. This is Starke, Florida and was taken last month with Canon S500, hand held.

The fun part of this morning's bike ride, going home. Screaming downhill all the way. One of the beauties of the Canon S500's is that they are so compact that they can just fit in your shirt pocket.

The view from the top of the bike ride

Another shot from this mornings bike ride. The lighting was poor and it was handheld, in a shakey hand I might add, but I like it anyway.

Taken around 5:30 this morning while on a morning bike ride. Using a Canon S500, settings on auto and handheld.