UFO's Over Anchorage??

    Photos of the Mayan apocalypse?
    More like the reflections of the lights from inside the room where I took this photo.
    Along the apocalyptic line here's a link to a thought provoking article from Ace, (via Instapundit).

Remember this saying? Living well is the best revenge.
Well, it’s got nothing to do with accumulating a bunch of wealth so you can show it off to your enemies and make them jealous.
Quite the opposite. Living well means living a happy, contented life filled with love, laughter and meaning.
Look at these clowns on the other side. They won. Conservatives are demoralized. The GOP is splintering. Socialized health care is now the law of the land.
They’re getting almost everything they’ve ever wanted, yet they’re as angry, dishonest and hateful as ever.
Did they really beat us?
Not where it counts.
They’re empty inside.
They’re not winners. Winners learn, love and grow. Winners have strong work ethics, faithful marriages and unshakeable values. Winners don’t blame others for their failings, they work to overcome them. Winners believe in something greater than a man in the Oval Office.
Remember this: No matter what happens in D.C., no one can make you stop loving your kids. No one can prevent you from being a great mom, a wonderful spouse, or a loyal friend. These things are yours. You own your life. They do not. No matter what lies they tell about you, they can’t diminish who you are.

   I have to agree with most of what he says, with one glaring exception. Ace goes on to say, "We   may not be able to beat the left at the polls, but we can beat ‘em all day long at life."
While I agree with the part about life. I honestly think that though times are bleak now, there will be a resurgence. Otherwise, this is a great post and I urge you to read the whole thing.


  OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.