The Day after

This was taken from Deer mountain in Ketchikan the day after the swim. Unusually nice for S.E.


Go Time!!

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here are two new photos. I've been very busy with work and also training for the event pictured here. This is the beginning of the 4th annual Pennock Island Challenge which took place on Aug. 12th.
It's an 8.2 mile open ocean swim around Pennock Island, just off of Ketchikan, Alaska in 55 to 60 degree water. There is a 5 hour cutoff time. Some of the swimmers wore wetsuits, many did not. The swim is to raise money for diabetes research and ofcourse, the fun of it.
This year there were 32 total participants. 16 were solo swimmers and 16 were on assorted relay teams. The swimming talent ranged from elite world class swimmers to yours truly (pictured below).
There were folks from Brazil, New Jersey, Missouri, Oregon and even James Pittar, a phenomenal Australian swimmer who is blind. Check out his web site freestyleman if you want to be inspired. The fastest person this year did it in 3:02. James did it in 3:20, without a wetsuit. The fastest person was planning to do the Catalina crossing next month and one gal was scheduled to try the English channel in September.
All in all, some very impressive swimmers. The swimmers were all great folks and I can't say enough good about the people who put the event on.

I managed to do it in 4:26:55. Not real fast, but not too shabby either.