2009's Ship of Fools

Again, while I try not to divert to politics on this photo-blog. Sometimes circumstances compel you. Here's hoping that 2010 ends up better than 2009.
Here's a collage of jokers for 2009.
Perhaps I'll do a whole 52 card deck of jokers? That's it! No one card outranking the other! Total gridlock! How does one win? Easy! Bribery, graft & back room deals! Just like the real congress!
Or perhaps an ever expanding poster. The possibilities are endless.
Here's hoping for change.

Top Left to right: Pelosi, Obama, Reid
Middle: Waxman (a.k.a. Batboy), Our new symbol, Geithner holding Bernanke's head, Alaska's junior senator Boy Begich
Bottom: Frank, Biden, Hillary