Well, Im glad that's over with...


  • : a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people.

    I have to admit after putting up with the smug and pompous ignorance of those on the left and their mindless little tools for the last eight years, not to mention the media, I am taking pleasure in watching their caterwauling.  I know I shouldn't. I know that I should conduct myself better. But I am just enjoying this too much.  They have shown just how contemptuous they really are of democracy.   Cry me a river bitches.

    That's how it works in a representative democratic republic. We have elections, there are winners and losers. When Romney lost in what was without a doubt a rigged election. Did you see republicans rioting in the streets?  Did you see the media questioning voting results with less likelihood of happening than being struck by lighting twice in an hour?  No you didn't.  So try and act like adults, if you can.

    The left does not engage in earnest discussions or debates about ideas because they have no ideas. What few notions they do have fit on bumper stickers. The examples they hold forth are bankrupt failures like Venezuela. So of course they have to resort to 'public and private positions. Lying, name calling, bullying, and ostracism. And massive vote fraud. They bus in their professional agitators to cause riots. Or sending democrat operatives to Trump rallies to incite violence which the media then blames on Trump supporters. Folks are getting tired of it. Very tired of it.

    So now when they loose an election, instead of trying to discern why and maybe trying to improve, they have a collective meltdown and riot to try to invalidate a democratic election. SImply because the outcome was not what they wanted.

    You see, people like you are why I, and millions of others voted for Trump, and are why we will never, allow our second amendment rights to be in any way constrained.  Imagine if republicans were doing this. The media would go into warp drive to condemn it and offer it as proof that they were correct in their assumptions of us all along.  God you people are pathetic.

    And for those with enough gray matter to realize that Hillary may have received more popular votes, because dense urban areas are democrat strongholds,  feast on this, Trump won the electoral votes and that's what wins the election. This has happened before in our history.  You'd probably know that if they still actually taught American history. Also, not only did the republicans keep control of the senate AND the house. They gained in governorships. And overwhelmingly gained in state houses.

    Here's a lefty meltdown, but at least an honest one. (Thanks to American Digest.)

    Finally, a big "fuck you" to the mainstream media...