I took this photo of Turnagain Arm last Thursday, while driving home from Seward. Everything was so calm that I just had to stop and take a photo or two. You know how it is. Canon S500.


Canon S500


Halloween or Christmas ornaments?


Canon S500


The blades of a locomotive mounted snowblower. From the locomotive on display at Chugach State Park. Canon S500


Sunset and low tide, last night. Canon S500


Evening light, Turnagain arm. Canon S500


Kodiak. Canon S500


A scan of an old black and white from Bethel taken the winter of 82-83. THis was the old seawall. In the foreground are some test pilings for the new seawall that would be built in the next two years. Minolta XG-1


White Mountains, north of Fairbanks. Canon S500


Canon S500


Rock formation in Turnagain Arm scoured by the tides. Canon S500


I took this photo of 'Rick from Minto' this summer during one of my trips to Fairbanks. In the evening while I was walking around taking some photos. First I hear this voice yell, "you're no tourist." I look around and here's Rick, making conversation and wanting some money, but not coming out and just asking. After a while I give him my street pan-handler test and ask him what he wants. If he doesn't beat around the bush and says, money, I ask him what for. If he tells me the truth I'll cough up a dollar or two. Otherwise, it's no sale and I walk away. So Rick says, "I'm dry man, I need a drink." Fair enough, he passed the test and told the truth.


Lower Kalskag. Canon S500


Another scanned image from the archives. Taken in the Alaska Range during a trip up the Moose's Tooth. The mountain just to the left of center is Mt. Barille. To the right of Mt. Barille, lost in the mists is the Ruth Amphitheater. Some maps call it the Don Sheldon Amphitheater. Minolta XG-1. Scanned with the Canon Canoscan 8400F.


Minolta XG-1


Misty morning in Seward. Canon S110


Minolta XG-1


The harbor at Kodiak, taken yesterday afternoon. When the weather's nice on Kodiak, there are few places that can compare. Canon S500

A view of Kodiak. Canon S500

Kodiak panorama, yesterday afternoon.


Scanned from a slide. A bike trip on the Denali highway. Minolta XG-1.


This is a scanned slide from Katmai, a sunrise on Naknek Lake. It was taken with my Minolta XG-1, Fujichrome Provia 100, and a polarizing filter.


Lower Kalskag. Canon S500

Lower Kalskag. Canon S500


King Salmon

Canon S500


Canon S500


The old Russian Orthodox Church in Lower Kalskag. Canon S500


Looking up river. Kuskokwim River near Kalskag. Canon S500


Travelling again tomorrow. I'll hopefully be backposting Wednesday.

Lighthouse at Point Reyes. This is a scan from a slide. Kodachrome 64, Minolta XG-1


The Anchorage schools held a cross-country running 'jamboree' yesterday at Russian Jack Park. It was a nice day (for a change) and my daughter was running in the 3rd & 4th grade girls mile run. So I thought I'd post some photos of yesterday's events.

My daughter getting ready to run her mile at yesterday's cross-country jamboree.

The start of the 3rd & 4th grade girls run at yesterday's cross-country jamboree.

Finishing her mile run at the cross-country jamboree

After finishing her mile run


Naknek Lake, Canon S500