Thank God It's Over

Mercifully, the sun has set on the Obama miss-administration.  Trump is in and I am cautiously optimistic. His cabinet nominees, his inauguration speech and his initial executive orders have been on point and it appears he is not backing off from his campaign promises.

The left and the mainstream media, but I repeat myself, are continuing to extend their psychotic behavior and confirming in the minds of the majority that the correct choice was elected.  They really are confirming that all of the things we all suspected they really were was true. In fact understated.
The left's denial and projection remain astounding.
They are what they scream about. They manifest everything wrong with America. They are what's wrong with America.

Below are some posters from the artist Sabo which were displayed at various locations in the Los Angeles area.

Gotta love it.

Finally, here is a real analysis about economic inequality.

Here are some photos of the democrat instigated riots.  It is no exaggeration to say that there are democrats, and there are Americans.


Last Photo From 2016

The view from the porch about 03:22p.m. 12/31/16.