Tea Anyone?

Democracy in action

I usually avoid politics on this blog and try to keep it to photography, but sometimes you just can't avoid it.

Why are these people protesting? Are they some kind of extremists, like the democrats and MSM would like you to believe?

Check this out...

Incase you're still wondering why people are upset. Yes, we'll maybe get some money back this year, but as anyone can see, in the future, we'll be paying more, lots more. But it's more than the massive amounts of money, it's the massive fraud that's also occurring due to an ill-thought and hastily implemented scheme of a so-called bail out. Now the democrats, who once railed about corruption look away when it's worse than ever. Hope and change!!

Then there's this too.

FInally, reports show that a majority of Americans view the Tea Parties favorably, while the vast majority of politicians clearly do not. Go figure.