Sunrise from partially up Barometer Mountain on Kodiak. No this was not taken from a plane. One morning this past February, while working in Kodiak, a coworker and I decided to hike up the hills to the actual base of the mountain early before work. The mountain itself had too much snow for us to safely go to the top without equipment. Barometer mountain is near the airport(as you can see) and so was the place where we were staying. So we hightailed it into the hills at 6a.m. with headlamps and flashlights. I was cursing myself for not bringing a tripod. This totally untouched photo was taken with my Canon S500, on auto setting with the flash off and balanced on my knee as I huffed and puffed. SOmetimes you just get lucky.

A quiet cove on Anton Larson Bay on Kodiak Island. When the weather's nice, Kodiak, to me at least, is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

One of yesterday's photos was of American Beach. Presently an island in a sea of crackerbox development. Here's the history on it. Click to enlarge and read.