Downtown Newtok, in S.W. Alaska.

The earth station for Newtok. All telephone and internet communication come in and go out on this antenna. And yes they have internet.

The hills of Nelson Island in the distance, viewed from the Newtok Airstrip.



One of the things I've always liked about downtown Fairbanks is that you find old houses like this right next to office buildings. Canon S500

Canon S500


Chena River, downtown Fairbanks around 11p.m.earlier this week.


Several photos taken on Bird Ridge during Saturday morning's walk. All taken with the Canon S500. I have to go to Fairbanks for a few days, so no more blogging until Thursday at the earliest, perhaps Friday. Enjoy.


Top of Bird Ridge, looking east yesterday morning around ten. Canon S500


Downtown Anchorage. The Conoco-Phillips building reflecting off of the Atwood building. Canon S500


Morning light on the mountains. Iliamna on the left, Readout on the right and the moon between them. Canon S500

The west side of Mt. Readout. Canon S500


Something different. No sunny brilliant day, no great light for taking photos. No stunning views. Approaching Russian Mission on the Yukon River, down near the deck on a crappy day.

Russian Mission approach on a crappy day.


Yet another Denali Nat. Park late afternoon photo. Minolta XG-1.


Denali National Park, late summer evening. Taken with my Minolta XG-1.


Don't even ask


Joe & Cindi... Bethel, Alaska


Last night's rainbow around 10p.m. canon S500

Downtown Anchorage. Canon S500

The south view from Rendezvous Peak on a suny summer day. Canon S110


The White Mountains, north of Fairbanks, looking north. Minolta XG-1.


Ok, this is not Alaska. It's Hawaii. Specifically the Island ofHawaii, on South Point Road. It's about half a mile from the end of the road and about as far south as you're going to get in the 50 states. Minolta XG-1.


Denali again, from the NW and taken at the same location as yesterday's photo, just later in the day. Minolta XG-1, Fujichrome sensia.


Denali, from the NW. taken inside Denali Nat. Park. Minolta XG-1, Fujichrome Sensia


Send in the clowns


Yesterday afternoon as I was riding my bike home and going past the park strip. I spotted these kites being flown. So here are some photos, taken with the Canon S500.


This photo and the one below were taken while flying between Kipnuk and Hooper Bay. Out in the middle of all this tundra flatness, there was a small group of craters. They were inactive and there was a cluster of them grouped together. I only managed to get a few photos of them, not the best, but if anyone understands the geology behind this really peculiar scene, I'd appreciate an explanation.

Tundra crater

Due to the recent Kelo decision, this property is being transferred to Walmart for further development. (just kidding) Minolta XG-1


A few years back there was a movie starring Al Pacino & Robin Williams that suppossedly took place in Nightmute, Alaska. It was a murder mystery and I forgot the title of the movie. The Nightmute in the movie was a regular small town with beautiful mountain scenery, If I'm not mistaken, it was filmed near Prince Rupert, B.C. Here is a photo of the real Nightmute, which though flat, has a beauty all its own. Taken with my Minolta XG-1 and Fujichrome Sensia

Flying out of Juneau on a not so great day. Canon S110


Low tide, head of Anton Larson Bay, Kodiak. Canon S500

Low tide at the very head of anton Larson Bay, Kodiak. Canon S500



Both photos were taken with a Canon S500. Sunrise on Turnagain Arm near Beluga Point during one of my early morning bike rides.


Lime Village


Alaska Range. MinoltaXG-1

Alaska Range, Minolta XG-1.


Ressurection Bay, outside of Seward. Minolta XG-1.

Looking east down Dearmoun road in Anchorage on a sunny afternoon. Minolta XG-1, Kodak Tri-X 400.