Where the Bus Finally Stopped

And you thought it stopped at the president's desk? Or the Secretary of State? Or Congress?
Ha!! Accountability is for the little people.

From the link;
" delay and deflection — will now work to make Americans forget one of the biggest scandals of our time: the housing collapse that triggered the 2008 financial meltdown we are still suffering from. We shouldn’t just gaze over the fiscal cliff everyone else is scrutinizing; we should also examine the droids who helped set in motion our current economic mess."

" Last week, over the holidays, the House Ethics Committee quietly joined its Senate counterpart in finding that no members or staffers — or at least any it claimed jurisdiction over — broke congressional rules while obtaining “VIP” mortgages from Countrywide. This failed lender at one time provided a huge share of the questionable subprime mortgages issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-backed mortgage lenders that were some of the first players to fall in the 2008 financial collapse."

"Countrywide’s most famous client was Democratic senator Chris Dodd, chair of the Financial Services Committee from 2006 to 2010. Although he and Conrad were cleared of ethics violations by the Senate Ethics Committee in 2009, Dodd retired the next year after it became clear that revelations about his involvement with Countrywide had destroyed his political standing in his home state of Connecticut. He was nonetheless able to shepherd the now-infamous Dodd-Frank bill into law before he stepped down. Dodd-Frank is a rat’s nest of new regulations on financial firms, but it goes notably light on regulating the housing industry and its cozy relationship with the federal government.
Despite its explosive findings, Representative Issa’s committee lacked any jurisdiction to suggest punishment for any individuals. The matter was handed off to the secretive House Ethics Committee, which quietly issued a report just two days after Christmas. This report concluded:
While these allegations concern serious matters, almost all of the allegations concerned actions taken outside, or well outside, the jurisdiction of this Committee . . . because they occurred before the third Congress prior to the current Congress. In addition, several of the Members and employees mentioned in the allegations are no longer serving in or employed by the House, and therefore are outside the Committee’s jurisdiction. 
In other words, some of the suspect droids have moved on, so it’s time the rest of us did, too."

So you hear that peasants? Forget about it. Don't worry your pretty little heads. This is what you voted for and you're about to get it, and get it good and hard. Obamacare, illegal gutting of your second amendment right, more taxes, fees, and penalties, an altogether too late discovery that your pensions won't be worth the paper they are written on, inflation, a slow economy with high unemployment, the erosion of more of your rights, increased corruption at all levels of government, emboldened radicals who will increasingly become more shrill and strident in the dehumanization of those who aren't down with the confiscatory socialist program.

If you're one of the liberal democrats who drank the kool-aide and voted for that empty suit sack of shit in the White House, love it, embrace it, own it because you deserve it. If you're still a republican, please go back up and read the provided link and realize that the country club republican establishment and the democrats differ only in name.

John Lennon was right after all , "keep you doped with religion and sex and TV, and you think you're  so clever and classless and free, but you're still fuckin peasants as far as I can see."

Oh, here's your tax hike  (thanks, via SDA)

Happy New Years!