The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions - Part II

Found: One hand written message from some faceless, but fearless worker in a Chinese slave labor camp, written and inserted into some cheap plastic toys destined for a K-mart. An anonymous note from a modern Gulag Archipelago.

Jeff Immelt and Thomas Friedman were unavailable for comment...

Please remember on this Christmas eve, that freedom has not been the normal human condition throughout history.  Please take a moment and say a silent prayer for those who are stuck in the nightmare of socialism. Please take a minute and contrast our society, with all its problems, with the living hell of the socialist utopia.

Finally, please take a moment to reflect on the well heeled, corpulent, smug democrat elitists who would gladly sell us into such bondage, provided of course that they, like the pigs in Animal Farm, get to be "more equal" than others.

In that same authoritarian vein, ask the gun grabbers about this.

Finally, if the Bush, or any republican administration were to engage in and try to cover up the killing of innocent civilians by drones, the mainstream media would be screaming to high heaven. But the Obama administration gets the good old US-MSM PRAVDA  pass. Go figure.

Merry Christmas.