One Year Later, (Plus)

Last Friday (9/21/12) I posted a view from the porch taken a year earlier. My intention was to post a photo from exactly one year later. Oh well, I didn't make it. So anyway, here's another VFP taken this morning. Snow we accumulated a few inches, though it melted away after the sun came out later in the morning.



Autumn Colors

This photo was taken on 9/28/11.  Next Friday it'll be one year to the day. I'll post the same view. Same image exactly one year apart. Here's hoping it hasn't been like the rest of this month, rainy, windy, & overcast.


Mt. Redoubt in the distance

On a sunny day. A closer view is here .


Wind Power

After all the bad weather, it was nice to have clear, crisp, and sunny days again.  there was a light frost this morning too, but it warmed up quickly. So, I grabbed my mountain bike and decided to take a little ride to a trail just a few miles up the road (and hill) from our home.  I took this along the way. This is the wind farm under construction on the south end of Fire Island.
I'll post more pics from today's ride in the next couple of days.


Big Wind

Tuesday, Anchorage had a huge wind storm. Much of town was out of power. Some areas still are as of today. We were out from around mid-night to 10:30 the following morning and we were lucky.
anyway, I took this during the big blow. Some areas on the hillside had gusts of 130mph.
It was shot at;
ISO: 200
Av: f16
fl: 27mm
Exp: 0.3sec.
Slow, yes. I was trying to somehow convey the force of the wind.


Fall Has Arrived!

A little early and with quite the fanfare. I took this on Labor Day. It was quite windy. This is a 3 image composite HDR and if you look, you can see ghosting on some of the branches. But I still like this photo, so I posted it.  Another front is blowing through today, up on the hillside up to 100mph gusts are forecast. Presently it's raining at our house and very windy. Expected crappy weather all week. But it makes for beautiful skies and lighting.



My daughter (45, Orange) finally caught the ball carrier, preventing a touchdown. Orange won the game.