Everything Up is Down

While watching NBC's Sundaynight football game last night, I was shocked and awed. During half-time no less. The whiny little mangina (thanks for that term Instapundit) Bob Costas took to the airwaves to get on his own little not so high horse and blame the horrible events of last week in Kansas City, where a player shot his wife or girlfriend nine times, in front of his own mother, then took his own life with another gun at the stadium in front of two coaches, and transform this tragedy into an anti-gun rant.
It's bad enough that (I'll refer to Costas from here on out as) Mangy hi-jacked the trajedy of two families for his own political rant, but he was also covering and diverting attention, in the most craven fashion from his masters, NBC and one step removed, the NFL. The money machine that these 'bread and circuses' carnivals have become must not be disturbed. Not for a moment, not on your life.
We must not reflect on the pervasive thug culture and sense of entitlement that many (not all) athletes seem to have now days. What a cheap distraction Mangy served up as the so-called cause of this tragedy and in connotation, all the troubles of many major sports figures.
How many gun owners while carrying have been in confrontations or arguments and never pulled out their weapons? How many have responded like mature adults in the face of provocation? How many couples who have gone through break ups, bad and not so bad have been tempted, but not resorted to guns, even when readily available? No, they don't exist. But let some entitled man-boy go off the deep end because maybe for the first time, there's nothing a coach, or alumnus can do to 'fix' things and it's all the fault of 'guns.'
We mut never talk of Ray Lewis, or O.J. Simpson, or Rae Caruth.  We must never think of Ben Roethlisberger, or Michael Vick. No it's all the fault of those damn guns!
Here's some perspective for you Mangy, maybe there's something deeply sick in the culture of major sports where we have none too bright athletes being coddled and kept from having to face adult consequences for their actions and way too much money. Maybe if the 'bread and circuses' industry was toned down a little, people might actually turn their attention to more serious matters. But then, what would you do Mangy, to make a living?