Don't Forget D-Day

Let's not forget D-Day

 On this day, 6/6/2014, please take a few moments of silence to remember those who served and were at Normandy on D-Day.

I saw this at American Digest, it's from the Diplomad's site. Fitting for this day.

I can no longer call him inept and incompetent. He is malevolent. He is out to destroy the spirit that built and sustained the country, and was evident on the beaches and along the hedgerows of Normandy seventy years ago. He detests our military and makes no effort to hide that. His recent speech at West Point, of course, is either an example of how little this little man understands his role as Commander-in-Chief, or is the product of an ideology that hates the cadets and their values--I go with the second interpretation.
The DiploMad 2.0: