Happy Easter

Despite all we have to be depressed about, Easter heralds God's triumph over the trivialities of this existence.  I truly wish that come tomorrow at least for a day, I can forget about the impending train wreck we are heading for.

However, I'm doubtful, I am becoming increasingly pessimistic about our future. As he usually does, the Diplomad eloquently sums up pretty much how I feel about unfolding events.
The western world continues on a totally unnecessary suicidal path. What was once common sense is no more. Everywhere one looks, the insanity is evident: The refusal to deal with real issues and the insistence on taking up marginal or even totally extraneous issues instead is stunning. Here in the USA, our economy remains stagnated for no logical reason. Instead, for example, of freeing up the exploitation of our vast fossil fuel resources, we continue to push money at phony green industries, throw road blocks in the way of our private sector's ability to get those fuels, block importation of fuel from our friends in Canada, and blather on and on about discredited, voodoo science global warming. Our leaders rulers take lavish vacations on our dime, push ruinous tax and spend policies, including the criminally destructive Obamacare, and avoid cutting even a bit of our bloated spending. A hypothetical "threat" to reduce ever so slightly the rate of growth in spending is declared disastrous and the equivalent of a nuclear attack. We get wrapped up debating gay "marriage," and "control" of mythical "assault" weapons when neither of those topics has any bearing on real issues facing the vast majority of real Americans, as opposed to Hollywood's fake Americans.
The entire post is worth reading. 

And if you think for a minute that it can't happen here, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you, for gold only, of course.

Finally, I'll leave you with this.

And this, to not end on a down note....




London Calling...

Possibly the westernmost phone booths in the United States, possibly North America.
Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
Anybody got a dime?


Owning A Home

= Never Ending Chores

A photo from a past project.  Presently, I've just finished remodeling our daughter's bedroom. Between work and work related travel.  On the plus side, it's off to Dutch Harbor today. I tried to get out last month but the weather wasn't cooperating. We should have better luck today. Though I'll be very busy, with luck, I can maybe get some good photos to post.


Concourse C

Anchorage airport