And Now For Something Completely Different

These photos were taken on September 20th in San Francisco at the 13th annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim, which is hosted by the South End Rowing Club.

The weather was in the high fifties, the water temp was 62. Approximately 500 other folks and 'yours truly' were taken on two ferries to within a couple hundred yards of Alcatraz Island, where we jumped off and swam back to town, around a mile and a half away.

Here are some photos from that morning. Some taken by me, others, obviously taken by others who are sharing them. Thanks. It was a great time and lots of fun.

Early morning registration the day of the event.

Marching two blocks from the registration location in front of the SERC building, to the ferries.

On board and ready to go. Me in the red cap.

Out the door, three at a time.

Go time.

Swimming for it.

Some perspective from 'sea-level.'

Ofcourse during the swim, you need to pause, look and reflect.

Safely back on shore.

Irish coffees at the Buena Vista afterwards.