Merry Christmas!

Here's hoping that everyone has a Merry Christmas.

We end the year with 'Big Sis' punishing a citizen speaking the truth and the FCC trying to reign in free speech by attempting to seize control of the internet.

To compound that, yesterday, I learned some very sad news indeed. Dennis the Peasant (see links below) will be signing off. His was a clear and bright voice in the political blogosphere. His writing was clear, crisp and on point. Never one to mince words, he called them like he saw them and did it with his unique and razor sharp wit. I wish him well. I for one will miss his voice and his music posts. He turned me on to several artists who I now like very much. I plan to leave his link up and I hope he leaves his blog up. They are worth reading.

Below, it's time to present, "separated at birth",