Summer's Peak

I took this Saturday (7/30/11) on the 'Bird to Gird' bike trail. Summer is at its zenith. The fireweed is in full bloom and we are now beginning that slow glide into fall, my favorite season.



Ptarmigan, summer plummage

I've been on a classic rock & roll kick so...
Friday night's music this week is some live early Led Zepplin doing Communication Breakdown from Danish TV1. Worth a listen. It has a great view of a smoking Paige solo. You don't see anyone playing like this these days, unfortunately.

Also, from 1956, here's Johnny Burnette doing the Original 'Train Kept a Rollin'. Later made famous by the Yardbirds and even later by Aerosmith. None of the covers matches the original, but see for yourself.


Summer Days

Taken during a short hike this afternoon.
It was too nice to stay at work. What can I say.

Some oldies for a Friday night.
They still hold up, in my opinion anyway.
Better than a lot of new stuff.


July 4th Parade

I'm hoping that everyone had a good Independence Day!

Lifted from Daphne's site (Jaded Haven. THanks again...

The Raconteurs "Old Enough" Featuring Ricky Skaggs and Ashley Monroe from Miky Wolf on Vimeo.


The Bus Stopped Here

Hand held HDR.
Here's some Fridaynight videos,

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Magnus from Meradi Omar on Vimeo.