Best Shot of 2015

Death Valley from Zabriskie Point.

I went to Death Valley to do a 200K ride (that's approximately 122.5 mi.) . The actual ride was `27.9 miles, as sown below.

The ride began and ended at the Furnace Creek Ranch.  From there I rode north to Ubehebe Crater, then turned around and went back to Furnace Creek with a detour to Stove Pipe Wells. A 12.5 hour effort.  Though it was 37F when I departed at 6am, the temperature got up to 60F during the afternoon. Cooling off quickly after sunset.

This photo above was taken at Zabriskie Point the day before when driving into Death Valley.  I can't overstate the stark beauty of the place. Though I recommend going in the winter, when it isn't baking.


Warm Light