This is a scan of a negative, taken with my Minolta XG-1 during the spring breakup of the Kuskokwim River at Bethel in May of 83. I didn't write down and no longer recall what film I used. As you can see, this is from before the 'sea-wall' was built. The old sea-wall consisted of cars, machinery, etc. Whatever was big, heavy, and could (hopefully) stay in place as the ice scoured the riverbank.

Also, for something completely different. Go visit this site,Gigapixel Photography for some truly amazing panoramic photography. What's even more amazing is that the cost of the equipment to do this is under $500.00. I would have thought that it would have been in the thousands at least. Click on one of the panoramas, zoom in and look around. Astonishing.
Fair warning, have a fast internet connection.