New Day Dawning...

My apologies for posting several pictures of the same scene (though I rather like them or I wouldn't post them), but with my knee finally feeling better, I will be getting out & about more.

Here is a little tidbit I received via e-mail from a weight lifting site I subscribe to;
Read it and ask yourself, could you imagine Obama doing that?
Hell, could you imagine Obama even spending time with wounded soldiers?

The last time he went to Afghanistan, he met with Marines only after they had been disarmed.
American Marines, disarmed before being allowed in the same building with the American president.
The mind reels...

With today being President's day, here's
a presidential feat of strength that you
probably haven't heard before:


On the day of April 8th, 1865, President
Lincoln was at a Union Army field hospital
in Virginia. spending hours shaking hands
and greeting thousands of wounded soldiers.

At the end of that long day, he spotted an
ax and walked over to it.

He was able to grip the ax by the very end
of the handle and hold the 7-pound tool
parallel to the ground, motionless.  He was
56 years old at the time.

"Strong men who looked on, men accustomed
to manual labor, could not hold the same
ax in that position for a moment," wrote
Francis Fisher Browne, a Union soldier who
authored a biography called "The Every-Day
Life of Abraham Lincoln."

Lincoln performed this feat on several
occasions and it was never mentioned
that anyone could duplicate it.